Brick World Review 1/2021


  • Building industry recovery proceeds at different rates

by Paola Giacomini

World News


  • European construction industry, complete recovery expected in 2023
  • Wienerberger posts close to record revenues in 2020
  • Italian construction industry eyes possible rebound in 2021
  • US residential construction proves immune to the crisis


  • Industrias Chirino gets back into gear with green investments


  • Europe’s largest and most efficient brick factory in Desford
  • High-efficiency ventilation in brick and roof tile drying
  • The digital future of brick
  • Technologies for primary crushing of hard clays
  • New technological developments in Latin America
  • Uniform glazing of roof tiles and special pieces
  • Remote support, a winning strategy in today’s new normal


  • The House of Grain in rural Jutland
  • The splendid brick vaults of the Imperial Kiln Museum

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