"100% Digital Ceramic Surfaces". Tecna Next webinar will focus on ceramic tile digital printing

Colorobbia, Esmalglass-Itaca, Metco, Sacmi, System Ceramics, Efi, Cefla Finishing will be the protagonists of next online event organised by Ceramic World Web and TecnaNext.com. Live streaming on 17 March (in Italian) and on 18 March (in English)

The second Tecna Next webinar devoted to the Digital Factory will take place on Wednesday 17 March at 2.30 PM in Italian, followed on Thursday 18 March at 10.00 AM in English.

The “Ceramics: what’s next?” webinar programme organised by Ceramic World Web for Tecna Next is back to unveil the latest technologies for ceramic tile production and in this new online event will focus on the most innovative solutions for the digital glazing and decoration of ceramic surfaces.

Like the previous events, “Digital Factory: 100% Digital Ceramic Surfaces” – this is the title of our next webinar – will be held in two livestreamed sessions on the  Tecna Next platform:

  • Wednesday 17 March at 2:30 PM (in Italian)   REGISTER NOW
  • Thursday 18 March at 10:00 AM (in English)   REGISTER NOW 
    with a repeat at 4:30 PM on CeramicWorldWeb.it

The event will once again host leading companies in the field of materials and technologies, such as be Cefla Finishing, Colorobbia, Efi, Esmalglass-Itaca-Fritta Group, Metco, Sacmi e System Ceramics.

The English webinar on March 18 will start with the session devoted to new Materials, in the company of three important colour and glaze manufacturers which will describe the evolution of new materials used in digital glazing and decoration.

Massimo Lameri from Colorobbia will begin by presenting the Colorobbia Digital Space programme, including new solutions designed for the Full Digital printing of large format surfaces.

Next up will be Davide Zannoni from Esmalglass-Itaca-Fritta Group, who will describe the characteristics of the new DigitalGlass family of water-based digital glazes, representing the culmination of more than ten years of work and research.

He will be followed by Claudio Casolari (Metco), whose presentation will focus on new solutions to decorate the “third dimension” and obtain beautiful safe and glossy surfaces.

The webinar will then proceed with the Technology session, introduced by Luca Berti (Sales Development Manager Italy at EFI), who will explain the benefits of a Full Digital and Hybrid technology for sustainable ceramic decoration with water-based inks and glazes.

Next up will be Davide Medici (Product Manager of Glazing & Decoration Product Unit at Sacmi), who will present the evolution of Sacmi Deep Digital Line, which allows for the integration of several decoration methods, both on the surface and through the body of the tile.  

He will be followed by Paolo Bertocchi (Technical Training Supervisor at System Ceramics), who will describe the developments of Creadigit Infinity digital printer, designed with a cutting-edge archtiecture and combined with CoreXpress control modules, allowing for a real-time management of information.

Last but not least, Lorenzo Melloni (Executive Sales Manager at Cefla Finishing) will present three new solutions for ceramic digital printing, developed to address the evolving needs of customisation, sustainability and versatility.



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