Cersanit in Russia focuses on top-of-the range products with the SACMI AVI 150

This new casting cell was started up at Syzranskaya Keramika’s production site in Syzran, Russia, and will be dedicated to the production of complex WCs.

Leading European manufacturer, with a production capacity of over 7 million pieces per year distributed between Poland, Ukraine, Romania and Russia, Cersanit once more shows its faith in Sacmi Sanitaryware solutions. The new machine installed and started up at Syzranskaya Keramika’s production site in Syzran, Russia, is a casting cell made up of two Sacmi AVI 150 modules which join the previous supply of the Sacmi AVE040 PLUS multi-mould platform.

Commissioned by the Russian base of the Cersanit Group, the line was designed to cast complex vases with two 7-part moulds.

The innovative Sacmi AVI technology had already been chosen for the technological modernization of Cersanit’s headquarters in Poland with the supply of 5 lines of this type. Cersanit now gives its Russian production unit the capacity to dominate the top-of-the-range market thanks to a solution designed to handle more complex production, smaller batches and frequent mould and/or size change-over in a more efficient way.

The distinctive feature of the new installation is the high level of automation of all the handling operations where every operation to move the moulds and cast pieces, the application of the glue to the rim, loading and unloading of the pre-dryer are fully controlled by the Fanuc robot, equipped with the innovative “robot safe” function (basically the operator can activate this mode to enter the cell safely without interrupting production).   

High energy savings and optimization of cycle times are guaranteed by the FPV pre-dryer, the Sacmi solution which, through controlled humidity shrinkage of the piece immediately after demoulding, makes it possible to reduce energy consumption and dimensions, facilitating subsequent handling stages. Operations to turn over and handle the wall-hung WCs are also fully automated and controlled, in turn, by the robot.  

This supply from Sacmi reinforces its important partnership with the Cersanit Group and, at the same time, confirms the strong interest from the market of the innovative Sacmi AVI technology which has revolutionised the approach towards pressure casting of sanitaryware by completely eliminating traditional hydraulic components from the process and simplifying all the assembly and mould change-over operations which are reduced overall by at least two hours.  

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