Clean energy: Cefla launches NOVA

The first fuel cell cogeneration plant in Europe capable of producing electricity and heat without emitting pollutants into the atmosphere was officially opened at Cefla’s site in Imola.

Last October, Cefla unveiled Europe’s first fuel cell cogeneration plant at its Imola facility, a project developed in partnership with the American company Bloom Energy. The system, named NOVA, stands out for its use of solid oxide technology in a combined heat and power (CHP) configuration, ensuring the generation of both electricity and thermal energy. Furthermore, in the presence of an absorber, NOVA is also capable of generating cooling energy. Fuel cell technology is 25% more efficient than an endothermic source (engines or turbines) for the same power. Fuel cell technology maintains an electrical efficiency of 54% over its entire life cycle, ensuring better control over operational costs.

Cefla’s goal is to encourage active discussion about decarbonisation, focusing on reducing carbon footprints,” explains Chairman Gianmaria Balducci. The first step involves helping companies and large infrastructures to achieve greater efficiency. The partnership with Bloom Energy, a leader in this innovative technology, has enabled us to develop a comprehensive solution incorporating heat recovery.”

The collaboration between Cefla and Bloom Energy broadens the range of clean energy options accessible to Italian companies, assisting them in their transition towards sustainable energy. This technology makes it possible to transform various sources (hydrogen, natural gas and green fuels such as biogas and biomethane) into electrical energy without involving combustion, thereby reducing or completely eliminating CO2 emissions, but above all eliminating harmful particles such as NOx, SOx and CO.