Gmm Group completes new green project with Florim Ceramiche

New energy-efficient tile cooling system installed

In keeping with its longstanding efforts to develop innovative solutions that help customers achieve greater energy and production efficiency, the Gmm Group has completed an important project with Florim Ceramiche, one of the world’s leading companies in the sector with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability (it is also a Benefit Company and B Corp certified).

The custom plant delivered to Florim consists of an innovative tile cooling system designed and built in collaboration with FM, a strategic partner of the Gmm Group. This high value-added solution perfectly complies with the needs for higher ceramic production efficiency, in particular in terms of energy. The tailor-made plant consists of a system of high-performance centrifugal fans designed specifically for cleaning and cooling ceramic tiles at the entrance to the digital printers. Along with the high efficiency and flexibility of the centrifugal fans, the system also delivers excellent performance in terms of energy saving (a key requirement for Florim), with consumption levels of just 7.5 kWh. An in-depth airflow study allows for an approximately 40% reduction in perceived noise levels.

The excellent performance in terms of sustainability and cost reduction is again consistent with the Gmm Group’s goal of achieving the highest level of technological innovation, thereby improving machine productivity and reducing unscheduled downtime.

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