Gottfried presents high-purity Argolitec clay

With the new launch, the German company offers a range of clay mineral products based on high-purity, extremely fine-grained illite.

Gottfried, a Großheirath, Germany-based company which has been extracting and processing high-quality raw materials for the ceramic industry (clay, chamotte, soapstone and feldspar) since 1921, has launched a new product onto the market.

Called Argolitec, it extends the company’s clay mineral product range based on high-purity, extremely fine-grained illite. The non-swellable layer silicates have a plasticising function and act as binders and sintering aids, making Argolitec suitable for high-performance applications.

Gottfried offers a wide product range capable of meeting the needs of the various areas of the ceramic industry. The range of raw and ground clays with between 20% and 43% aluminium oxide (Al2O3) and firing colours from creamy white to yellow and red are especially popular with manufacturers of building ceramics and refractory products.

The company also offers a wide range of chamottes, which are optimised for specific applications and have proven themselves mainly for refractory products, sanitary fine fireclay, tiles and other building ceramics.

In addition to raw and calcined soapstone, the German company also supplies iron-free ground pegmatite through Gottfried Feldspat. This white-firing potash feldspar sand serves as a basic raw material for porcelain, ceramic sanitaryware and tiles, while special grain sizes are used in light-coloured clinker masses and as a shortening agent for roof tiles.

Combinations of other feldspars or mineral products such as chamotte, quartz and wollastonite can also be ground in the mineral grinding plant.

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