Repair instead of refire!

Under this motto, Kulzer Technik offers ceramic sanitaryware manufacturers its Kerasys LC products, sustainable solutions to lower production costs, reduce CO2 output, save energy and natural resources.

Since many years now, Kulzer has been providing a solution for manufacturer of sanitaryware and ceramic objects, to repair small glaze defects that occur during the firing process. The Kerasys LC system is used by many companies and integrated in their production process.

It significantly helps to reduce the rejection rate of the production; it reduces the production costs in avoiding a second firing cycle and by this point it also helps to reduce the CO2 output of the factory.

Especially in times like these - when the costs for natural gas and other raw materials are rapidly increasing without any limits, supply chains are not 100% reliable anymore and material shortage or very long delivery times are daily business for purchasing departments -, Kerasys LC makes the difference and contributes to turn the wheel into another direction.

Since last December Kulzer Technik has extended its product portfolio and successfully entered the consumer market with the launch of the new Kerasys Ceramic Repair Kit. Everybody has already made the experience in their private life, that a sharp-edged or solid object has dropped into a sink or bathtub and leaves behind a small hole or chip.

With the Kerasys Ceramic Repair Kit it is now possible to repair those damages with small effort and a long-lasting high-quality result.

The Kerasys Ceramic Repair Kit is available in the → Kulzer Technik web shop

For further information on Kerasys LC products, visit →


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