Revigrés adopts a new 100% green complete production line

Gruppo B&T becomes a strategic partner of Revigrés for its growth and sustainability projects.

Revigrés, a leading name in the Portuguese ceramic tile industry, recently commissioned Gruppo B&T to build a fully green porcelain stoneware production line. This line features advanced Supera® Rapida pressing technology, a 7-tier horizontal dryer, a Titanium®H2 kiln, a Dryfix digital decoration machine and a cutting-edge automatic storage system.

In particular, Revigrés opted for the Supera® Rapida mouldless on-belt pressing technology suitable for both conventional and large sizes due to its ability to lower consumption and costs while delivering excellent performance. Named for its rapid pressing capabilities, the machine in its 20,000-ton version can produce sizes ranging from 60x60 cm to 120x280 cm, with thicknesses from 6 to 20 mm. A notable feature is its use of an easily storable upper punch coated with extra-hard resin, enhanced by a patented perimeter containment system. This eliminates the need to trim the tile after pressing, resulting in the loss of only 1-2% of the weight of the tile, which in turn is fully recycled back into the process. Thanks to the pre-fire cutting process developed by group member company Ancora, a leading finishing technology manufacturer, Supera® Rapida also guarantees maximum flexibility and versatility in terms of size and thickness and completely eliminates unfired waste. Another advantage is the excellent tolerance of the press to different types of body, allowing for the use of locally-sourced raw materials that may lack the characteristics of high plasticity or moisture content. This adaptability leads to some of the lowest operating costs in the industry and can cut annual production costs by up to 50%.

Revigrés has also chosen to install the patented Start&Stop® system, an innovative hydraulic control unit with pumps that can be adjusted according to the pressing cycle. This ensures minimum power consumption, resulting in a 50% energy saving compared to conventional presses. The firing system consists of a Titanium®H2 single-tier roller kiln ready to operate with 60% hydrogen blends using self-produced hydrogen originating from high-flow electrolysers. This system is powered by a photovoltaic array, allowing for a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

As for decoration, Revigrés will be able to create products with unique aesthetic effects using the Dryfix digital printer from Gruppo B&T’s sister company Projecta, which applies powders to achieve deep 3D structures, textured decorations and high-gloss full lappato finishes. This is also a green technology as the machine uses water-based solvents.

“Being involved in the success of a company like Revigrés motivates us to improve constantly and to continue to invest in Research & Development,” says Fabio Tarozzi, Chairman and CEO of Gruppo B&T. “This project rewards our vision for a green, sustainable ceramic production facility with low production costs. It incorporates all our latest technologies and sets a new standard in ceramic production.”

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