System Ceramics supplies technologies to Platinum Ceramics

To upgrade its facilities, the Indonesian manufacturer has commissioned System Ceramics to supply 12 Creadigits, 4 sorting and packaging lines and 7 palletisers.

Platinum Ceramics, one of Indonesia’s leading tile manufacturers, has launched a major plant modernisation project aimed at increasing productivity and improving the quality of its products. The technological partner chosen for this project is once again System Ceramics (Coesia Group), which has already supplied state-of-the-art machinery and automation for the decoration and end-of-line stages.

Specifically, Platinum Ceramics’ production facilities (located in several cities on the island of Java) installed 12 Creadigit version E single-pass digital printers, which guarantee high-speed, high-quality printing, and 4 sorting and packaging lines with 4 Multipacks, a bestselling solution in the packaging market due to its high packaging speed. Highly flexible and ideal for all sizes up to 120x180 cm, it forms up to 10 packs per minute, thereby optimising production processes and ensuring maximum protection for packaged products. To streamline product flows to the warehouse, Platinum has also adopted 7 Griffon palletisers.

The equipment supplied by System Ceramics will enable the Surabaya-based ceramic group to meet Indonesia’s growing demand for tiles more effectively. In 2021, domestic consumption increased by 34% year-on-year to 478 million sqm, although Chinese imports continue to account for a large share of the porcelain tile market.

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