Tecno Diamant ready for Expo Revestir

The Formigine-based company, which has been operating in the South American market for almost 15 years through its subsidiary Tecno Diamant do Brasil, will be showcasing its latest innovations at Latin America’s largest exhibition of surfaces and finishes.

From 14 to 17 March, Tecno Diamant will be exhibiting at Expo Revestir (Booth B120 - Hall 1) in São Paulo, Brazil, the most important exhibition of surfaces and finishes in Latin America.

The Formigine, Modena-based producer of diamond tools for porcelain stoneware, single-fired tiles, natural stone, marble and granite has been focusing on the South American market for years, and in 2009 opened a production and sales subsidiary in the State of Santa Catarina called Tecno Diamant do Brasil.

The subsidiary is now well established and has a 750 square metre factory capable of meeting the needs of the domestic market and those of neighbouring countries (Argentina, Bolivia and Peru), where producers are becoming increasingly attentive to the need to modernise and improve the sustainability of ceramic processes, with a special focus on quality and production costs.

Tecno Diamant do Brasil produces and distributes state-of-the-art solutions including resinoid diamond wheels for grinding and polishing natural stone, squaring wheels for removing excess material from tile edges, diamond polishing brushes and cutting discs.

By liaising continuously with producers, the company is able to meet their needs promptly and deliver technical solutions that guarantee the best results in terms of production performance, efficiency and customisation combined with outstanding technical support.

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