The upcoming Tecna Next webinar will focus on new developments in ceramic tile finishing

BMR, Premier, Surfaces Group and Unilin Technologies will be taking part in the next webinar organised by Ceramic World Web for

The event will be livestreamed on 10 February in Italian and on 11 February in English

Following the success of the webinar devoted to technologies for the production of antibacterial ceramic surfaces (with 726 signups and 452 participants in the livestreamed event from all over the world), on 10 and 11 February CeramicWorldWeb and Tecna Next will be focusing on new technologies for ceramic surface finishing.

Like the previous events, the next webinar will consist of two sessions and will be livestreamed on the Tecna Next platform:

  • Wednesday 10 February at 10.30 a.m. (in Italian    REGISTER NOW
  • Thursday 11 February at 10.30 a.m. (in English)    REGISTER NOW 
    with a repeat at 3 p.m. on

The event will once again welcome leading companies in this sector, this time BMR, Premier, Surfaces Group and Unilin Technologies, who will present their latest technological innovations in the field of lapping, polishing, squaring and other finishing processes for tiles and slabs capable of guaranteeing more efficient processes while improving the quality and value of ceramic surfaces.

Marco Sichi and Francesco Incerti from BMR (speaking respectively at the Italian and English sessions) will discuss the advantages of a digitalised finishing process in terms of dynamism, sustainability and efficiency.

Next, Piergiorgio Trevisan and Antonio Dinale from Premier (again alternating over the two days) will present the results obtained with the new satellite tool used for both lapping and polishing and compare its performance with that of traditional fickert tools.

Simone Sorrentino from Surfaces Group will then discuss aesthetic quality and higher productivity in the polishing of technical and glazed porcelain and explain the characteristics of the new Flat Reflex Polishing System developed by the group.

Another keenly anticipated presentation is that of Unilin Technologies, the Mohawk Industries division specialising in intellectual property which grants licensees the right to use patents for new technologies or production processes. During the webinar, Jasmine Geerinckx and Mariano Paganelli will present the ForTile technology developed by Paganelli himself for the production of high impact resistance ceramic tiles suitable for use on raised or floating floors. The process involves bonding a reinforcing steel plate to the back of the tile in the final stage of production.  



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