EasyLine by Robatech: Gluing made simple

Robatech launches product line for simple hot melt applications.

Robatech is expanding its range with the EasyLine products. With this new addition, Robatech is providing a small, practical ad­hesive application system for simple hot melt applications that is easy to operate and maintain. EasyLine allows thermoplas­tic hot-melt adhesives to be applied in proven Robatech quality.

The new EasyLine products featuring the new Easy adhesive melter, the Rio heated hose and the Twist jetting head, are now being offered by Robatech.

Easy operation, installation, commissioning and maintenance

“The maximum melting capacity of 2.5 kg/h and two heated hose connections offer perfect conditions for simple adhesive applications,” says André Laubacher, responsible product manager at Robatech. “Customers enjoy the functionalities they really need and benefit from fast commissioning and maintenance, as well as an attractive price-perfor­mance ratio.”

Characteristics and benefits:

  • EasyLine can be quickly connected via plug-and-play connectors.
  • With a head holder adjustable in 22.5° increments and the variable positioning of the application nozzles, the compact Twist jetting head can be easily and flexibly installed in machines.
  • The adhesive filter is now located in the heated hose’s fully insulated connector, where it can be easily replaced. The application head remains clean, and time-consuming removal and installation are no longer necessary.
  • With manual pump pressure control, temperature lowering and heating zone manage­ment for the adhesive melter, heated hoses and application heads, the EasyLine offers all the necessary functions for simple adhesive applications.

In the EasyLine, Robatech combines functional minimalism with practical, new features. Weighing 16 kg, the Easy adhesive melter is also one of the lightest adhesive melters available.

For more information visit: easyline.robatech.com


Robatech optimizes the industrial hot melt and cold glue application with sustainable and innovative adhesive application systems. Since 1975, Robatech has been developing and producing high-quality control systems, application heads, melters, and dosing systems that make gluing processes more environmentally friendly, safe, and straightforward. The Robatech Group, headquartered in Muri/AG, Switzerland, is represented in more than 80 countries. More than 670 dedicated employees worldwide provide personal and fast customer support in a wide range of industries.


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