High-performance grits and micro-grits from Colorobbia

Marco Romagnoli, Colorobbia (Sovigliana Vinci, Italy)

With their wide range of potential uses and applications, grits and micro-grits are now among the most interesting and adaptable products for the ceramic industry. Gruppo Colorobbia currently produces an extensive range of high-quality frits and grits at its production sites in Italy and abroad. Ceramic manufacturers who use these materials are able to produce highly distinctive products with superior levels of performance compared to other materials on the market.

The new range of Colorobbia grits offers multiple solutions for different market requirements. The catalogue of grits comprises a wide variety of particle sizes, which can be selected according to the application technology and the desired end result. These grits and their combinations can be used to create different kinds of surfaces, including full polish mirror finishes, stone, concrete and sugar effects, metallic decorations, surfaces with coloured dots, high-transit floors and anti-slip tiles, all of which are currently in strong demand for use in both interiors and exteriors.

  • Dry digital applications

Along with traditional wet and dry applications, dry digital processes are becoming increasingly popular in the ceramic industry due to their ability to enhance surfaces, create micro-reliefs, combine different material effects and improve the cost effectiveness of the decoration process. For this purpose, Colorobbia collaborates with the main equipment and technology producers and plays an active role in testing and implementing new solutions at an industrial level.

The current level of digitalisation of the production line allows for dry application of grits in various phases following the pressing process, both before and after the digital decorating machines. It also allows different applications to be fully synchronised, thereby increasing the number of graphic decorations that can be achieved, with or without press reliefs. Moreover, dry applications reduce the need for water and reduce the energy cost of the drying and firing processes.

To ensure good fixing and definition of grits on the tile surface, Colorobbia has developed a family of solvent-based and water-based digital glues. These are able to fix a quantity of solid of up to 800-1000 g/m2 (considering the most challenging full-polish surfaces) without altering the tile’s finish in any way.

  • New products for new applications

Colorobbia grits are designed to be fully compatible with the entire range of base products (glazes, top coats, printing bases, coloured digital inks, digital effects, etc.) and create unique, high-performance surfaces.

One of the fastest growing applications of these materials is in the production of large and very large surfaces, especially for the decoration of wall tiles and porcelain slabs (the latter are increasingly popular for use as furnishing elements such as worktops, countertops, tables, wall and door coverings, ventilated facades, etc.).

For these new applications, Colorobbia has developed and introduced a series of matt and glossy grits with high thermal expansion coefficients. Whether they are used individually or in combination, these grits and micro-grits are able to achieve a high level of gloss and transparency and a wide colour range while complying with chemical and stain resistance regulations.

All Colorobbia grits are designed to be perfectly compatible with all the various post-coating treatments available on the market, whether they use wax or similar products to eliminate porosity or instead adopt nanoparticles.

  • A global presence and attention to the environment

Through its companies located in the world’s main ceramic clusters, Gruppo Colorobbia helps ceramic producers develop projects by offering complete technical and sales assistance, including support with graphic designs, R&D and innovation, while offering technological expertise throughout the entire industrial development of high value-added products.

As part of its longstanding focus on the environment and the health and safety of its employees and customers, Colorobbia is continuing its efforts to reduce emissions, waste and residues, to minimise the use of hazardous substances, and to adapt constantly to changes and amendments to the hazard classifications of substances.

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