Round tile lapping with the Satellite heads from Premier

The use of Premier satellite heads has allowed the Spanish manufacturer Cicogres to reduce costs and obtain excellent quality results in the lapping of round tiles with a diameter of 750 and 1,000 mm.

While lapping of round tiles has always been almost impossible due to the limits of the Fickert heads, today, thanks to the Premier satellite heads mounted on the entire finishing line, the Spanish ceramic manufacturer Cicogres is obtaining exceptional results on glazed porcelain tiles in different sizes, with diameter from 750 to 1,000 mm. Its collections Mars, Moon, Vega and Earth include round tiles that are combined with a triangular part, which creates interesting colour combinations.

With the same line setting, entirely equipped with satellites, Cicogres is now able to hone and polish both the round tiles and the complementary triangles, without any particular polishing technique.

Moreover, all standard tile formats, from 20x20 cm up to large slabs, can be polished on the same line, in parallel rows to form a carpet.

Compared to the normal production of polished tiles with Fickerts, the use of Premier satellite heads has also allowed to reduce the incidence of tools on the total cost of the finished product.

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