Canadian ceramic tile market grew 15% in 2017

After several years of contraction and weak growth, the Canadian tile market experienced a 14.9% jump from the previous year. In 2017 Canadian ceramic tile consumption was 43.1 million sq.m, its highest point since 2010. As there is no significant ceramic tile production in Canada, imports approximately equal consumption.

The five countries from which the most tiles were imported in 2017 were China (16.7 million sq.m, +24%), Italy (10.7 million sq.m, +14.5%), Turkey (8.1 million sq.m, +8.6%), Spain (3.1 million sq.m, +16%) and the United States (1.7 million sq.m, -14.5%).

While Chinese tiles had the highest market share in volume, Italian tiles represented 38% of total consumption in value (171.5 million Canadian $, with an increase of 8.4% on 2016). China followed with 140.3 million Canadian $, up 16.7% on the previous years. 


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