Ceramic World Review updates the rankings of the world's top 26 ceramic groups in 2017

Ceramic World Review has updated as of 31/12/2017 the figures for the world’s top 26 ceramic tile groups (as for production volumes). Respect to the previous year, the positions of the four largest tile producers remain unchanged, with the American giant Mohawk Industries, Inc. firmly at the top of the new rankings with an estimated 2017 output of between 230 and 250 million sq.m. The US multinational is well ahead of all its competitors, especially in terms of revenues. As of 31/12/2017, it reported sales of US $3.405 billion in the tile segment alone (respect to US $3,17 billion as of 31/12/2016), equivalent to 36% of the group’s total revenues. 

The Thai group SCG is in second place in terms of output volumes (187 million sq.m), but well behind in sales revenues (709 million euros), followed by the Mexican group Lamosa which registered a tile production of 171 million sq.m and revenues at 751.4 USD million (about 647 million euros). We remind that Lamosa strengthened its position as the third largest world group and the leader in Latin America following the acquisition of the Argentinian group San Lorenzo on 3 October 2016, with manufacturing facilities in Argentina, Colombia and Peru.

A total of 13 companies occupy the production range between 50 and 100 million sq.m, lead by the UAE-based RAK Ceramics group (81.5 million sq.m).

Of these, both Spanish groups in the rankings saw a particularly strong performance in 2017. Pamesa increased its output to 73.7 million sq.m and tile segment revenues to 426 million euros (about +16%).

STN group also marked up double-digit growth reaching an output of 60 million sq.m (up 17% on 2016) with revenues up 21% to 240 million euros

Total 2017 production of the 26 largest world groups in the sector amounted to around 1.83 billion sq.m, 13% of world tile production.

Read the complete article published in Ceramic World Review 128/2018.

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