World sanitaryware production and exports

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World sanitaryware production is estimated to have grown by 61.3% from 216.6 to 349.3 million pieces over the decade 2004-2014, corresponding to a compound annual growth rate of 4.9%.

Asia, the largest production area with 172 million pieces in 2014 (85% growth since 2004), further increased its share of total production over the decade to almost 50%. China in particular is the world's largest producer and has almost doubled its volumes to reach an estimated 120 million pieces.

However, the most significant growth was in Africa (+300%), the Middle East (+181.7%) and South America (+163.7%), the latter region driven by Brazil as the world's second largest producer country (24 million pieces).

In a context of steady globalisation of production and markets, the negative figure for the EU and NAFTA regions hardly comes as a surprise, with production volumes dropping over the decade by 3 and 6 million pieces respectively. This is despite the fact that in the NAFTA region Mexico has almost tripled its volumes, which are now estimated at 18 million pieces. Reflecting the trend in other areas of the economy, the fast-growing BRIC and Next 11 regions also registered the highest growth rates in the sanitaryware industry over the decade (respectively +74% and +108%) compared with the more modest average figure of +27% in other countries.

World sanitaryware production is also increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few very large multinational groups. It is estimated that in 2014 the top 20 groups (excluding those in China) have produced over 43% of total world production.

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