• Ceramic World Review 146/2022

    May 13, 2022
    In this issue:
    • The Italian tile industry is weathering the “perfect storm”
    • Duravit buoyed by strong performance in China
    • Hydrogen kilns: a step towards the future
    • Fastdry: the first thermal machine from System Ceramics
    • Low-energy drying of sanitaryware and tableware
    • Digital finishing: sustainability, efficiency and control
    • Advanced technology and service for a high-quality finish
    • Fragnani Group invests in productivity, automation and new sizes
    • Surface Firming Process treatment on sanitaryware articles
    • The ceramic laboratory is the key to managing change
    ... and much more
  • Brick World Review 1/2022

    Apr 29, 2022
    In this issue:
    • Wienerberger overcomes the challenges of 2021
    • The U.S. housing market sets new records
    • European construction amid optimism and uncertainty
    • Africa’s most efficient and eco-friendly factory goes into production
    • Net zero carbon brick slips
    • Booming investments in Italian/European real estate
    • Briqueterie Tidjelabine rides the recovery in Algeria
    • Automation and robotics in Kosovo
    ... and much more
  • Ceramic World Review 145/2022

    Mar 08, 2022
    In this issue:
    • Portobello reports strong 9-month growth
    • World ceramic tile industry and market: forecasts to 2025
    • RAK Ceramics looks to expand in Saudi Arabia
    • 2021 U.S. Ceramic Tile Market Update
    • Mohawk posts net sales of more than $11 billion
    • Ceramika Paradyż sets its sights on large sizes
    • Panariagroup renovates the plant for its ultra-thin surfaces
    • From analogue to digital, the pursuit of quality in the development of decoration
    • LGVs, an efficient sanitaryware handling solution
    …and much more
  • Ceramic World Review 144/2021

    Dec 20, 2021
    In this issue:
    • Laminam’s “sustainable evolution”
    • Soaring costs threaten the recovery
    • The green hydrogen revolution at Iris Ceramica
    • World construction set to see strong growth through to 2025
    • Somany Ceramics set for further expansion
    • Focus on Sanitaryware: World sanitaryware exports and imports
    • Synchronised digital structure printing
    • Finishing 4.0 with measuring cameras
    • High-efficiency wet grinding
    ... and much more
  • Brick World Review 2/2021

    Oct 21, 2021
    In this issue:
    • World construction set to see strong growth through to 2025
    • Strong rebound in European construction in 2021
    • Italian brick and tile industry’s revenues remain stable in 2020
    • Ibstock sees rapid growth
    • EuroPoroton doubles its capacity in Romania
    • A new kiln for Keramika Burgas
    • The appeal of aged brick
    • Cutting solutions for clay products
    • Advances in brick firing technology
    ... and much more
  • Ceramic World Review 143/2021

    Sep 22, 2021
    In this issue:
    • World production and consumption of ceramic tiles
    • The world’s top ceramic tile manufacturers
    • Mohawk Industries sets new records
    • Lamosa acquires Roca’s tiles division
    • Duratex (now Dexco) begins a new growth phase
    • The rise of Victoria PLC
    • Interviews: Kajaria Ceramics, Neolith, VitrA Tiles
    • Strong rebound in European construction in 2021
    • Ceramic machinery making strong recovery in 2021
    ... and much more
  • Ceramic World Review 142/2021

    Jul 08, 2021
    In this issue:
    • Italian tiles exceed pre-Covid levels
    • The Brazilian ceramic industry focuses on exports
    • Pamesa close to turnover of 900 million euros
    • RAK Ceramics returns to steady growth
    • Examples of energy efficiency improvement in the ceramic industry
    • Migratech Hybrid, green microgranulation from LB
    • Superfast, a sustainable, energy-saving process
    • How the transition to smart gas turbines increases sustainability and reduces costs
    • How plasticisers optimise costs and reduce environmental impact
    … and much more
  • Ceramic World Review 141/2021

    May 10, 2021
    In this issue:
    • 2020 U.S. ceramic tile market update
    • Sodium feldspar with a low content of respirable crystalline silica
    • Digital Twin: productivity, sustainability and flexibility in the end-of-line stage
    • Safety, health and environment: new breakthroughs in antibacterial treatments
    • Air conditioning in casting rooms: a high-precision process
    • Sanitaryware, the automatic smart inspection solution
    … and much more
  • Brick World Review 1/2021

    Apr 26, 2021
    In this issue:
    • European construction industry, complete recovery expected in 2023
    • Wienerberger posts close to record revenues in 2020
    • US residential construction proves immune to the crisis
    • InterviewIndustrias Chirino gets back into gear with green investments
    • Europe’s largest and most efficient brick factory in Desford
    • High-efficiency ventilation in brick and roof tile drying
    • The digital future of brick
    • Technologies for primary crushing of hard clays
    • Uniform glazing of roof tiles and special pieces
    … and much more