ABK Group lays the foundations for the new Solignano technology hub

Innovation and research in partnership with System Ceramics, LB and Sacmi bring new large-size Full Vein 3D slabs to life.

Following an excellent market performance with 44% revenue growth in 2021 to €213 million and sales of €126 million in the first half of 2022, ABK Group is continuing to invest in the high-end segment. A new state-of-the-art line dedicated to the production of slabs with Full Vein 3D technology (through-vein slabs made by digitally controlled mixing of different coloured raw materials to ensure greater graphic continuity between the surface and thickness) will soon go into production in the plant in Solignano (Modena), already one of the most advanced facilities in the Italian ceramic district.

This latest €15 million investment follows the more than €50 million allocated by the ABK Group over the past five years for the construction of two production lines equipped with advanced eco-sustainable technologies.

For this latest project, the ceramic group headed by Roberto Fabbri once again chose leading partners including System Ceramics (Coesia Group), LB and Sacmi.

In particular, slab moulding is performed by the Superfast press from System Ceramics, the same company that supplied Genesis, the three-dimensional decoration system that creates 3D graphics within the thickness of the ceramic slab. Digital application of coloured spray-dried powders at various pre-selected points on the slab, combined with perfectly centred digital printing by means of the Eye-tron adaptive vision system, results in products that increasingly resemble natural marble and stone.

For the body colouring plant, ABK renewed its cooperation with LB, which supplied a third Easy Color Boost line to accompany the two already in operation at the plant.

Sacmi supplied the new 161.7-metre FMA295 Maestro kiln and the dryer. The new kiln stands out for its low levels of consumption thanks to its innovative burners and advanced settings and controls.