Acimac: Paolo Mongardi named new chairman designate

Paolo Mongardi will be elected Chairman of Acimac during the Members’ Meeting in July. He will pass the baton to Paolo Lamberti in two years’ time as part of an alternating chairmanship that reflects the interests of both small and large member companies.

Baggiovara, 12 June 2020.

Acimac, the Italian ceramic machinery and equipment manufacturers’ association, has a new Chairman designate. On Friday 12 June, during the meeting of the Association’s Board of Directors, representatives of the member companies officially chose Sacmi Chairman Paolo Mongardi to lead the Association.

The vice chairmen have been named as Paolo Lamberti, Chairman of Tecnografica Spa, Luca Bazzani, CEO of System Ceramics Spa, and Bruno Bettelli, Chairman and CEO of I-TECH Srl.

They will be officially elected during the Annual Members’ Meeting in July and their agenda will be presented following the handover from the outgoing Chairman, Paolo Sassi, Chairman of BMR.

The designation follows a long period of consultation during which it was decided to divide up the four-year term of the 2020-2024 chairmanship between two candidates who both enjoy strong support among members. Paolo Mongardi will serve as chairman for the first two years, after which he will hand over the baton to Paolo Lamberti, currently re-elected vice chairman. This arrangement reflects the desire on the part of the Board of Directors and the two candidates to represent the interests of both the large and small companies that make up the Association.

“I am taking over an important responsibility from Paolo Sassi in an economically challenging period for companies in the sector,” said Mongardi. “I will work hard to fulfil my duty at the head of the Association and to expand its services and tools so as to improve its already excellent standing at a national and international level. In two years’ time I will hand over the chairmanship to Paolo Lamberti, certain of his total commitment to carrying on the work we have begun.”

Paolo Mongardi, born in Imola on 23 March 1964, began working at Sacmi in 1985 as a designer. In 2001 he joined the Board of Directors and in 2013 was appointed chairman.


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