Benjamin Ferreira Neto is the new Chairman of Anfacer

Benjamin Ferreira Neto (Alfagrês) took office on April 28 as president of the Board of Directors of Anfacer, the Brazilian Association of Manufacturers of Ceramic Tiles, Sanitary Ware and Related Products, succeeding Manfredo Gouvêa Júnior (Elizabeth) in the position.

Businessman Benjamin Ferreira Neto (Alfagrês), 59 years old, took office on April 28 as president of the Board of Directors of Anfacer, the Brazilian Association of Manufacturers of Ceramic Tiles, Sanitary Ware and Related Products. Elected on March 31, he succeeds Manfredo Gouvêa Júnior (Elizabeth) in the position.

Born in Rio Claro, Ferreira Neto is part of the third generation of a family with a strong presence in the ceramic tile sector and runs Cerâmica Alfagrês, whose plant is based in Ipeúna (Sao Paulo), in the Santa Gertrudes ceramic cluster.

The new Anfacer’s president takes over with the mission to continue the previous management, which even in one of the most serious moments in the country's recent history, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, was able to articulate and open new possibilities for the sector, playing a key role in the approval of the new regulatory framework for natural gas and establishing Anfacer's strategic planning, in partnership with the consulting company EY.

"The health crisis is not over", says Ferreira Neto, who stresses the importance of starting fundamental agendas defined by our board to overcome the challenges and uncertainties that will remain at least in the medium term.

Among the priority topics, Ferreira Neto highlights the regulation of the new Brazilian gas law, the consolidation of the ceramic tile industry's export vocation, the strengthening of institutional relations in Brazil and abroad and the defense of sectorial policies and programs of quality and competitiveness.

For the new Chairman, the new rules for the production chain of natural gas, sanctioned on April 8 by the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, summarizes well the commitment of Anfacer with agendas capable of generating positive impact not only for the sector, but for the resumption of growth as a whole in the post-pandemic. "We are the 2nd largest industrial consumer of natural gas in the country. The implementation of a free gas market will make possible new investments that will enable the expansion of national production, generating jobs and greater competitiveness in the national and international markets," he says.

Brazil is today one of the main world players in the ceramic tile market, being the third largest producer in the world, the second largest consumer market and the sixth in the export ranking, with sales to more than 110 countries.

"Anfacer, which represents 60 companies, 71 manufacturing units and 137 brands, and generates more than 250 thousand direct and indirect jobs throughout Brazil, will continue working hard with the purpose of contributing to the recovery of the economy, always adding efforts with the public and private sectors, in the search for the best for our country", says Ferreira Neto.

Another agenda that will help strengthen the ceramic tile industry is to increase its weight in international trade. The new Chairman hopes that in the next few years, Brazil will be among the three largest exporters of ceramic tiles on the planet. "We already have competence, technology and expertise. What we need now is for this innovative and sustainable agenda to gain traction", he says.

  • Anfacer’s new Board of Directors

Together with the election of the new Chairman of the Association, Anfacer’s assembly also renewed the Board of Directors. The three vice-presidents are now Manfredo Gouvêa Júnior (Elizabeth), César Gomes Júnior (Portobello), and Darks Cesar Cassotti (Biancogres).

The other Board members are: Ana Lúcia Bastos Mota (Cerbras), Christian Gail (Gail), Eduardo Fior (Carmelo Fior), Gilmar Menegon (Ceusa), Heitor Ribeiro de Almeida Neto (Almeida), Marcelo Izzo (Deca), Maria Esther Paraluppi (Embramaco), Murilo Ghisoni Bortoluzzi (Itagres), Otmar Josef Müller (Eliane), Sérgio Magalhães (Vidro Real) and Sergio Wuaden (Incepa).

Luiz Antonio Ortigosa (Delta), Sergio Melfi (Roca) and Renato Casagrande (Casagrande) make up the Fiscal Board, whose alternates are Valmir Carnevalli (Savane), Marconi Leonardo Pascoali (Angelgres) and Vanderli Vitório Della Coletta (Villagres).

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