Briqueterie Guerrouache chooses Bongioanni

Bongioanni has signed a major agreement with Briqueterie Guerrouache (Algeria), further strengthening its presence in the country. The supply contract concerns the new 1,000 ton/day plant for the facility in Medjana, not far from Bordj Bou Arreridj, the chief town of the eponymous province.

The Italian company supplied the production and extrusion line equipped with two Compact LI-810 refining roller mills, a MIX820I mixer, and a Tecno 850 extruder with 820D de-airing mixer, along with cutting-edge multi-exit extrusion systems. These consisted of dedicated pressure heads and Omega model conical extrusion dies designed for the production of conventional B8-B12 products as well as hollow blocks, wall blocks and ceiling blocks. The supplied extrusion dies are equipped with frames and cores made from BST02 high wear and corrosion resistant materials. All components of the Omega extrusion die in direct contact with the clay are made from anti-abrasion material.

In particular, the core holder self-centring supports were manufactured using numerical control systems to guarantee high precision and use of the most modern materials. Furthermore, the core holders have high-thickness chrome plating. The supplied equipment also included electrical control boards, moisture control system, clay spreaders and belt conveyors.

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