Ceramica Flaminia increases the level of automation of its glazing department

An automatic siphon glazing machine supplied by Sacmi has been installed on the Industry 4.0 glazing and handling line in operation since 2018.

Ceramica Flaminia of Civita Castellana, one of the most important sanitaryware brands in Italy, has invested in a new automatic WC siphon glazing system from Sacmi. The solution has been installed alongside the existing system on the Industry 4.0 glazing and handling lines supplied by Sacmi in 2018 and will increase the productivity of the entire glazing department.

The line can be configured according to requirements and reduces the need to turn pieces over, thereby simplifying handling and logistics. The system is assisted by two robots, one for handling the WC and the other for carrying out internal glazing of the siphon by means of an innovative process that maximizes quality and repeatability while reducing waste.

The automatic siphon glazing machine is just the latest of the many solutions that Sacmi has delivered to Flaminia over the years. Along with glazing technology supplied by RobotGlaze, Sacmi had already installed handling cells designed to automate handling as the pieces are transferred from the casting cells to the blowing, firing and glazing stages. This complete integration of handling operations in accordance with Industry 4.0 principles complements the latest investments to reduce the environmental footprint of the process, including new Sacmi dryers with advanced management software for optimising drying curves according to the production mix.

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