China invests in technologies for large sizes and smart factories

The Chinese tile industry continues to invest both in capacity expansion and in improving the energy and production efficiency of its factories. Uniceramics Expo will be held in Foshan beginning 20 July.

According to the latest available statistics, a total of 76 newly built or technically updated ceramic tile production lines came into operation in China in 2021. No fewer than 48 of these lines were for the production of large-sized slabs (63% of the total), a figure that reflects the latest trends in the Chinese market where 750×1500 mm and 900×1800 mm have become the most popular sizes.

The other lines are for the production of more traditional sizes in product types such as glazed, rustic and polished marble tiles.

A further six new production lines came on stream in January-February 2022 in various Chinese ceramic districts, here too predominantly in medium and large sizes and large thicknesses.

A number of leading Chinese manufacturers are investing heavily in production capacity increases. For example, Monalisa Tiles is building four lines that will be put into operation later this year, bringing the total number of lines owned by the group at its four factories to 41.

Marco PoloDongpeng and Ryowa Ceramics are also pursuing new industrial projects that will bring a combined total of more than 20 million square metres of additional production capacity.

At the same time, China’s ceramic industry has begun a new phase of transformation and upgrading of its manufacturing facilities to enable it to respond more effectively to the latest challenges, from soaring materials and energy costs to the need for energy-saving and eco-friendly production processes. In this scenario, numerous companies are demolishing old lines and building new ones, leading to significant growth in demand for advanced technologies with high energy efficiency and low environmental impact, including automation and Industry 4.0 smart machinery.

Uniceramics Expo, to be held from 20 to 24 July in Foshan, will be the perfect chance to get a complete picture of the Chinese ceramic industry and seize new market opportunities.



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