First complete Supera® line in Iran

Rock Sanat has chosen SITI B&T for the production of large porcelain slabs in sizes up to 1600x3200 mm

SITI B&T has opened up the large panel and slab market in Iran with the installation of the first complete Supera® line in the Teheran factory of Rock Sanat, a well-known local ceramic producer.

In operation since August, the new line is highly tolerant towards variations in raw materials, a result achieved thanks to the complex R&D work conducted by SITI B&T technicians on the pilot plant at the bt-LAB in Formigine.

This allows for the use of locally-sourced raw materials, a factor that has a big impact not only in economic terms but also at an industrial level because the same traditional bodies are used for the production of slabs as for standard tile sizes. The Supera® pressing system and the XXL kiln (with entrance width 3850 mm and the possibility of simultaneously firing two slabs side by side) will enable Rock Sanat to produce porcelain surfaces up to 1600x3200 mm in size, the largest ever made in Iran, while also exploiting the rapid size change system to switch quickly to a 1200x2400 mm size.

Another characteristic that makes Supera® one of the most advanced solutions available is “zero waste” (max. 1.5 mm per side) with 2 tenths of a millimetre thickness variation on the long side of the slab. The Rock Sanat line is also designed to reduce environmental impact and is equipped with the Start&Stop system, the innovative power-on-demand hydraulic power unit that reduces energy consumption by up to 30%.

In the light of this experience, SITI B&T has also developed a range of lower tonnage Supera® models, the “Supera 18k”, for the production of more conventional sizes while maintaining a high level of productivity (6 pieces/min. in a 1220x1200 mm size) with the advantage of on-belt rather than on-mould pressing.

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