Increasingly smart intralogistics in the ceramic industry

A new appointment with the “Ceramics: What’s next?” series of technical webinars will be held on 9 June to discuss the latest developments in Intralogistics 4.0 for the ceramic industry. Talks will be given by Giancarlo Imponente (System Ceramics), Marcello Orsini (Sacmi) and Bruno Bettelli (I-Tech). The event will be livestreamed at 10.00 a.m. (in English) and at 2.30 p.m. (in Italian)

Just as with production processes, in recent years digitalisation has brought about rapid and significant improvements in all intralogistics-related activities in the most advanced manufacturing facilities. These developments have also benefited the ceramic industry, which is constantly in search of new solutions to streamline production flow management, from the arrival of raw materials right through to the finished product warehouse.

This theme will be discussed during the next webinar in the “Ceramics: what’s next?” series entitled “Intralogistics 4.0”, which will be livestreamed on Wednesday 9 June on the Tecna Next platform in two sessions

The webinar will consist of three talks.

The first will be given by Giancarlo Imponente from System Ceramics, who will describe the numerous benefits in terms of decision-making offered by the Prime software developed by System Ceramics for the management of complete plants. The fact that all the technologies in the line are interconnected means that Prime is able to integrate the data and information needed to optimise logistics flow management.

Next to speak will be Marcello Orsini from Sacmi, who will begin by outlining the evolution of the new production models increasingly focused on “make to stock” and “assembly to order” concepts and will then describe two of the most innovative solutions for the management of high-bay warehouses for large semi-finished and finished ceramic slabs. To illustrate the operation and advantages of the new Industry 4.0 warehouse, Orsini will present the case study of the configuration already in operation since September 2020 in one of the largest and most modern tile factories in the Sassuolo ceramic cluster.

The third talk will be given by Bruno Bettelli, Chairman and CEO of I-Tech, who will explain the benefits of smart logistics in terms of efficiency in the production of semi-finished products for glazing and decoration. Today’s integrated solutions for the automated preparation and intralogistics handling of glazes and inks ensure effective management of raw materials, mill processes, storage and handling of semi-finished products delivered to the glazing lines, thereby reducing errors and waste and improving process efficiency and finished product quality.


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