Kulzer enters the DIY segment

With the new Kerasys® Ceramic Repair Kit, available on the market as of December 2021, consumers will be able to perform minor sanitaryware repairs themselves

Kulzer, a German company specialising in solutions for repairing glaze defects on sanitaryware and other ceramic materials, is now offering end consumers the advantages of its Kerasys® LC system, already used by numerous sanitaryware manufacturers. When adopted at an industrial level, the system helps to significantly reduce production waste, lower costs and avoid the need for a second firing cycle, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

For the DIY market, Kulzer has developed the Kerasys® Ceramic Repair Kit, an easy-to-use solution for repairing minor damage (small holes or chipping) to ceramic sanitary fixtures with excellent, long-lasting results.

The kit comes with a well-designed manual that offers a clear description of all the steps along with detailed pictures. By scanning the QR code on the first page, users can also watch an explanatory video. The kit includes two different white light-curing repair pastes that cover most of the common white shades used in sanitaryware production.

To ensure a perfect and long-lasting bond between the ceramic and the repair paste, Kulzer has added a universal chemical adhesive called the Primer which forms a molecular bond between the two materials and prevents micro-gaps from forming during the curing process. This increases the durability of the repair to more than 10 years. Another useful item included in the kit is the Filler, a transparent light-curing paste that can be used for very deep defects or drill holes. It cures to a depth of 10 mm (while the coloured repair paste only cures to a depth of 2 mm).

Kerasys® Ceramic Repair Kit will be launched onto the market in December 2021 and will be available via the Kulzer webshop at the address: kulzer-technik-shop.de

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