LB supplies large size slab technology to Paradyz

LB has fulfilled a new supply contract for the two factories operated by the Polish company Paradyz: the large slab line in Tomaszów and the Vielka Wola site

Paradyz, a leading Polish ceramic tile manufacturer, has once again opted for technology from its long-term supplier LB for its latest expansion plan. The Polish company is in the process of building a second line for large slabs at its plant in Tomaszów, which was scheduled for testing in November, and upgrading the technology at its Vielka Wola site, where a new line equipped with a traditional high-tonnage press will be installed in the coming months.

The equipment ordered from LB includes technological towers equipped with an Easy Color Boost colouring system, spray-dried powder and granule mixture preparation lines, and feeding kits for both the large slab line and the traditional pressing line.

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