Mladost renovates its roof tile plant in Leskovac

Bongioanni Macchine has completely renovate the existing line supplied in 2010 within a very short timeframe

Bongioanni Macchine has completed the upgrading operations of  the Mladost roof tile production plant located in Leskovac (Serbia), supplied in 2010. 

With the aim of increasing productivity, modernising the production processes and improving product quality, Bongioanni Macchine completed the upgrading operations within a very short timeframe, concluding the project in the first few months of 2020.

Last-generation solutions for the extruder (pressure head and extrusion die) have been installed have been implemented. The new model of pressure head installed is ideal for symmetrical vertical extrusion of regular and preformed clay batts. The internal surface of the pressure head has a self-lubricating polyamide coating which improves clay flow, thereby reducing friction and consequently also energy consumption. The extrusion dies have extra-long dimensions to obtain a larger conical cross-section and are specially designed to eliminate stresses inside the clay batts and the consequent risk of roof tile deformation.

In the cutting zone has been installed a new Bongioanni electronic cutter perform a high-precision cut and the loading units installed in 2010 have been fitted with new stop devices that guarantee a precise and certain starting position. This ensures greater loading precision of the independent clay batts on the bottom moulds of the drum presses.

After producing approximately 159 million roof tiles with an efficiency of 88%, the two type 13PV/G presses installed in 2010 underwent a complete overhaul and were returned to their original conditions.

Bongioanni Stampi was assigned the task of redesigning the entire roof tile range in order to improve their quality, appearance and sizes. Attention to detail and product aesthetics has further improved the Serbian company’s already high product quality standards, enabling it to increase its competitiveness in international markets. 

To date, Bongioanni Stampi has designed, developed and built more than 3,330 new models of roof tiles.

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