Sanitana reduces workplace dust levels

The Portuguese sanitaryware manufacturer has adopted a solution from Sacmi that eliminates all finishing dust and reduces the quantity released into the environment.

Sanitana, Portugal’s leading ceramic sanitaryware producer founded back in 1979, has chosen Sacmi to complete an ambitious project to revamp and modernise the glazing lines supplied in 2007.

The project, which was concluded last autumn with the start-up of the first complete line, focused not only on production quality and efficiency but also on work quality and safety. Along with automation and expansion of the production mix, Sanitana has achieved a drastic reduction in workplace dust levels.

While the line was originally configured to glaze just one WC model, it has now been equipped with solutions capable of glazing the entire product range. Water trap glazing and foot cleaning are no longer performed manually, greatly increasing productivity and improving factory efficiency.

What’s more, Sacmi has supplied a special robotized booth where the finishing dust is blown off and collected without any need for an operator, ensuring full compliance with the EU directive in force since January 2020. This system, the first delivered to market by Sacmi, eliminates the risks associated with operations previously performed in open extraction booths. In the new cell the pieces are loaded automatically onto the conveyor, and the absence of an operator allows much more powerful extraction airflows to be used.

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