Ceramics: What's Next?Developments in ceramic surface finishing

Watch the webinar held on 11 February focused on the new technologies for ceramic surface finishing.

Main speakers: Francesco Incerti (BMR), Antonio Dinale (Premier), Simone Sorrentino (Surfaces Group) and Jasmine Geerinckx (Unilin Technologies)​

The third webinar organised by CWW for Tecna Next drew the attention on the latest technological innovations in the field of lapping, polishing, squaring and other finishing processes for tiles and slabs capable of guaranteeing more efficient processes while improving the quality and value of ceramic surfaces.

While BMR discussed the advantages of a digitalised finishing process in terms of dynamism, sustainability and efficiency.

Premier presented the results obtained with the new satellite tool used for both lapping and polishing, comparing its performance with that of traditional fickert tools.

They were followed by Surfaces Group, which explained the characteristics of the new Flat Reflex Polishing System, granting aesthetic quality and higher productivity in the polishing of technical and glazed porcelain.

The webinar ended with the presentation of Unilin Technologie (the Mohawk Industries division specialising in intellectual property and patents’ licenses for new technologies) which presented the “ForTile” technology for the production of reinforced ceramic tiles

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