Brick World Review 1/2024


  • Another stormy year ahead, but clear skies on the horizon

by Davide Miserendino

World News


  • Clemson Brick Forum reaches its 70th edition


  • Poor residential sector performance dampens construction growth in Europe
  • The global real estate market in 2024
  • The Italian real estate market shows signs of recovery
  • Another difficult year for the U.S. housing market
  • Wienerberger ready for future challenges


  • New technologies to help Nexe Grupa navigate the green transition
  • Santafé starts up a new line at its Soacha 2 facility


  • Fortaleza upgrades to robotic handling
  • Efficient management of extremely high factory temperatures
  • Never change a winning team


  • Sustainability is no longer optional


  • Cybersecurity: are we ready to protect our data?
  • New Machinery Regulation: regulatory and safety obligations


  • Callington Mill Distillery combines history and contemporary design

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