Innovation in the field of modular logistics systems

The partnership between System Electronics and System Logistics has resulted in a new modular, multi-format handling system capable of forming mixed pallets of different sized products.

System Electronics, a Coesia Group member company specialising in the design and production of industrial PCs, I/O modules and industrial controllers for all applications, has collaborated with System Logistics to develop and design an innovative modular and multi-format handling system. This solution is capable of forming mixed pallets of different sized products while operating efficiently and in complete safety.

System Logistics (part of the German Krones Group since 2016) operates globally in the field of intralogistics and materials handling for supply chain optimisation in warehouses, distribution centres and production sites, specialising in particular in the Food & Beverage and Retail sectors.

In the partnership with System Electronics, the two industry-leading companies have contributed to the development an entirely new and 100% customised technology.

Exploiting their complementary areas of expertise, the two companies have developed an exclusive hardware and software package in which System Electronics’ Quad Microstep drive – which features digitalised microstepping generation – is equipped with an artificial intelligence system that guides its mechanisms with the utmost versatility and functionality.

The Quad Microstep drive has opened up new handling opportunities for System Logistics’ LogiMate and has revolutionised the concept of storage, which is now simpler and more controlled, and warehouse management.

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