Verdés expands its remote support services

The use of more effective, modern tools to assist customers in remote plant commissioning operations ensure the same results as in-person start-ups.

The Covid-related lockdowns and travel restrictions imposed in 2020-2021 have led companies to increasingly utilise remote assistance services.

Verdés, a longstanding Spanish brick machinery manufacturer, was able to offer its customers remote support using interactive technologies and tools as early as 2011, but now the addition of multiple sensors has made the experience quicker and more effective. Likewise, the digitalisation of machines undertaken by Verdés has made remote assistance faster, more efficient and capable of handling even the most difficult situations.

An example of the company’s potential is provided by the simultaneous start-up of new extruders for two African brick producers, one located in Touggourt, Algeria and the other in Johannesburg, South Africa, which was successfully carried out by Verdés’ technical staff using a series of devices with cameras.

Thanks to the meticulously planned process, both commissioning operations were concluded successfully within the same timeframe and with the same results as if the Verdés personnel had been onsite.