Bozzetto Group: high-performance chemicals for the ceramic industry

The Italian chemical group aims to expand its range for the tile and refractory industry, which comprises the Flube Cer binders, the Vebe Cer products and the Flube PA additives.

Bozzetto Group, a chemicals multinational headquartered in Filago (Bergamo), was founded in 1919 and today has operations spanning multiple industrial sectors including textiles, water treatment, cosmetics and detergents, agrochemicals, construction and recently also the ceramic industry.

It works in the construction industry through its Dispersion Solutions division, which offers a wide range of solutions including superplasticizers for concrete and mortars, set retarders, and workability retention extenders and additives for plasterboard production. In recent years the division also introduced additives for the production of ceramics and refractory materials. These liquid and powder form additives are undergoing continuous development thanks to research conducted in the group's state-of-the-art laboratories.

The Flube PA range of additives, which provide a powerful dispersion capability while lowering the risk of breakage with less water consumption, are the group’s best-selling products for refractory production. Flube Cer and Vebe Cer are the two lines devoted to the tile industry and are already very popular among manufacturers in many countries. Flube Cer is a robust binder capable of improving the mechanical strength of ceramic bodies with lower energy consumption, a characteristic that adds extra performance compared to some traditional products used in the sector. The Vebe Cer series products are extremely efficient and stable even at high pH and temperatures.

Amid steady sales growth (the group reached an estimated consolidated turnover of €195 million in 2021), the Bozzetto Group is also planning to extend its operations in the ceramic tile sector. Its R&D efforts are focused on expanding its range with new solutions tailored to specific production requirements. In particular, it aims to establish itself as a reliable partner for the domestic and European markets, where it makes the majority of its sales.

The Dispersion Solutions division operates four plants in Italy, Spain, Turkey and Poland and in 2021 generated revenues of €35 million, equivalent to 18% of the group's consolidated turnover.

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