Cevisama 2024 at the starting blocks

The 40th edition of Cevisama will open its doors from 26 February to 1 March, presenting a stunning programme of events.

Future, trends, design, sustainability and innovation: Cevisama 2024 has put together the best programme in its history covering all these ideas that define what Cevisama is and what it has been for 40 years. From 26 February to 1 March, Feria Valencia will be throwing open its doors to showcase the latest products from some 500 brands and kick start a programme gathering over 100 expert speakers from the industry.

The Plaza Activa is the hub of Cevisama’s programme, a stage where all events will be held, which include the architecture forum, the interior design forum and prize-giving ceremonies for the distribution awards and the Alfa de Oro awards.

  • Monday 26 February

On Monday 26 February, Cevisama opens its doors with a packed programme of activities and talks for industry professionals. The first day features a number of outstanding events scheduled from early in the morning. 

The New Architectonics Forum kicks off at 11 am as a space for exploring new trends in architecture and their impact on the hospitality industry and tourism. Led by experts in the field, this forum delivers in-depth analyses of how architectural innovation is transforming the hospitality industry.

At 4 pm, José Luis Valenciano, an architect and collaborator at Hispalyt, will be bringing innovation in the ceramics industry to the stage. In his talk, he will be unpacking sustainability, industrialisation and digital transformation.

Then at 5.30 pm, the Alfa de Oro Awards ceremony will be taking place. These prizes celebrate excellence in design, innovation and quality in ceramics and construction materials. The awards ceremony is a special highlight of the day, acknowledging people who are driving the industry forward with their exceptional creations and projects.

  • Tuesday 27 February:
    40 years of Cevisama and a powerhouse Architecture Forum

Tuesday 27 February is one of the big days at Cevisama.

It kicks off with the Stands Awards ceremony at 10.30 am followed by a tribute to interior designer Antonio Segura at 11 am. After these two events, the celebrated Architecture Forum begins with prominent speakers such as Fuensanta Nieto, Max Arrocet and Matthias Sauerbruch headlining and sharing their visions and experiences in contemporary architecture. There will also be a lively discussion with these three architects moderated by Luis Fernández-Galiano.

In the afternoon, the keenly expected Cevisama 40th Anniversary event will be held featuring prize-giving ceremonies, speeches and a drinks reception for all the guests.

ASCER will additionally be holding its traditional Press Conference on Tuesday at 10.30 am in room 3A in the events centre.

  • Wednesday 28 February:
    the role of construction companies in industrialised construction

The day starts with a talk on the renewal of the stone industry followed by two fascinating speeches at The New Architectonics Forum addressing construction companies and developers and their role in industrialised construction.

At 5 pm the Architecture Forum is back with Néstor Montenegro, a distinguished architect known for his award-winning, widely publicised buildings including the project for 102 homes in Carabanchel, which won the Ecola Awards and the 2009 Enor Award, and the Social Services Centre in Mostoles, winner of the 2012 Architecture Plus Award, the 2012 COAM Award and the 2012 Hamburg AIT Award.

  • Thursday 29 February:
    three key names in interior design

Thursday 29 February begins with an interior design forum at 11 am featuring two renowned professionals: Paul Dieterlen and Rocío Boscá from Acierta Retail. Afterwards, attendees will be enthralled by Isabel López Villalta and her vision of interior design.

In the afternoon, the Architecture Forum resumes with José María Sánchez speaking about how territory and geometry are the cornerstones of architecture. This engaging talk will be followed by a speech by the Region of Madrid’s Architects Association who will be sharing valuable insights into new trends in materials.

  • Friday 1 March:
    CevisamaLab Awards

Finally, on Friday 1 March, sustainability is the main theme on the table from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm at The New Architectonics forum. Speakers will be showcasing practical and successful examples of how industrialised construction helps to be more sustainable.

These presentations will be followed by the much-anticipated CevisamaLAB Awards for young talent, a commitment to the future of the profession which Cevisama champions year after year.

A successful buyers’ campaign.

Crammed with content and activities, Cevisama is generating major expectations in the sector.

At the end of January, visitor registrations on the fair website were up 23% on last year. And as for the buyers’ campaign, 800 overseas guests had already been confirmed 4 weeks before the show. These visitors come mainly from countries such as France, the USA, Germany, Poland, the UK, the UAE, Portugal, Morocco, Mexico, Colombia, Egypt, Romania, Austria, Canada and Israel.

A breakdown of foreign visitors shows that 41% of guests are from the European Union; 16% from the Middle East; 13% from South America; 12% from North America; 5% from North Africa; 5% from the rest of Africa; 4% from Asia; 3% from Eastern Europe and 2% from Oceania.

The buyers’ campaign has received the backing of IVACE Internacional in conjunction with exhibitors who suggest guest profiles, customers and their target countries of origin. This year, Cevisama has increased investment compared to last year, reaching the €1 million mark. Guests at the fair include foreign and domestic distribution companies, large purchasing groups and retail chains along with leading architecture and interior design studios which conduct projects around the globe.


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