Inter Ser reports record sales of Virto Ceramics sieves by Cuccolini

In the approximately one year since the two companies began collaborating, international sales of Virto Ceramics sieves have almost tripled.

The partnership agreement signed about a year ago between Cuccolini (part of the Virto Group since 2008) and Inter Ser has proved highly successful. Under the terms of the agreement, Inter Ser has been granted exclusive rights to market Virto Ceramics brand sieves and iron removers in numerous countries around the world, including the whole of South America and much of Asia, the Middle East and Africa. International sales of Virto Ceramics sieves have almost tripled since the partnership began, with significant numbers of orders received from both tile and sanitaryware manufacturers.

The results have been particularly significant in Bangladesh, India, Peru, Sri Lanka and Thailand, where leading sanitaryware manufacturers have recognised the value of the services offered by Inter Ser in terms of technical expertise and commercial support.

The best-selling sieve in the sanitaryware sector is the VLB 1200 (single and double mesh), which is popular for its high performance (15-30% higher flow rate for the same size), efficiency and modularity. In addition, the 1200 and 1500 sizes are now also available with an integrated lid-lifting system and internal washing system for ease of maintenance and cleaning.

Since 1989, Cuccolini has been a leading manufacturer and seller of vibrating sieves and iron removers for the ceramic industry, a sector in which it operates under the Virto Ceramics brand. Along with hundreds of other industrial applications, there are now more than 20,000 machines produced by Cuccolini installed worldwide, some of which have been in operation for more than 20 years thanks to their ease of maintenance and low cost.

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