New collaboration between Colorobbia and the Jaume I University

Scholarships, internships and in-company training for engineering and chemistry students attending the University of Castellón

A wide range of initiatives and events have been organised to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Gruppo Colorobbia in 2021, the most recent of which were held in the Castellón ceramic cluster where the Italian group has its Spanish headquarters. In October, a high-level training day was organised for the group’s employees and management, including a keynote lecture by Professor Xavier Marcet entitled Leadership and Management in the 21st Century.

An expert in strategy, innovation and management transformation and a consultant for HPO, Sony, Sabadell, Grupo Suez and Seat, Prof. Marcet presented the latest forward-looking and innovative business management theories in which talent and relationships are managed according to values such as empathy, humility and a spirit of service. Marcet believes that these are key elements not just for achieving success but also for managing uncertainty and periods of crisis, adapting to new scenarios and driving change.

This process of building a more sustainable and shared future is a cornerstone of Gruppo Colorobbia’s strategy and focuses in particular on young people and their education. With this in mind, a new project has been launched in Castellón in collaboration with the Jaume I University entitled Vittoriano Bitossi Sustainable Innovation Classroom. As of this academic year, Colorobbia will be organising concrete programmes to support Engineering and Chemistry students through scholarships, internships and in-company training aimed at developing sustainable and efficient technological and application innovation projects.


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