Sacmi supplies twin-channel kiln for Laminam facility in Borgo Val di Taro

Laminam has installed a Sacmi FBN twin-channel kiln as part of the expansion project for its Borgo Val di Taro production facility inaugurated in November

For the expansion of its Borgo Val di Taro (Parma) production site inaugurated in November, Laminam has installed a Sacmi FBN twin-channel roller kiln designed specifically for firing large and very large surfaces. With a length of 170.1 metres and an entrance width of 2350 mm, the kiln will be able to fire slabs with widths of up to 1800 mm (1840x3260 mm, 1650x3260 mm, 1230x3260 mm and 1030x3040 mm).

This solution was designed and customised for optimal management of products with various thicknesses and different kinds of decorations, a high value-added product range that requires dedicated technical solutions,” explains Giuseppe Miselli, Sacmi Tiles Sales Manager for Italy. “We have also worked extensively with Laminam to achieve sustainability through the use of energy recovery and filtration systems.”

The new twin-channel kiln has been integrated with a large preheating area with multiple draughts, a custom solution that ensures optimal management of the high residual moisture content of the materials (water, glues, glazes) present in the decorations. The twin-channel kiln supplied to Laminam also incorporates new modulated air-gas solutions which act as a dynamic buffer between the firing and cooling zones and can be used for both heating and cooling to ensure optimal tension control. The roller pitch has also been carefully calculated for handling very thin products.

The kiln also features next-generation Sacmi NNG050 high-speed burners which improve product quality and reduce consumption.

Sacmi’s focus on sustainability is evident both in the systems for recovering hot air from the burners and in the recovery of the hot air contained in the cooling stack, which feeds the 7-tier dryer also supplied by Sacmi.

Both the dryer and the kiln are equipped with inverter-controlled fans for optimal consumption control.

Through its Filtering, Energy & Environment Division, Sacmi has also supplied a sleeve filter type kiln fume treatment system complete with a conveying and dosing system.

Pictured, from left: Michele Perozzi (Laminam Technical Director), Paolo Mongardi (Chairman of Sacmi Imola) and Giuseppe Miselli (Sacmi Tiles Sales Manager for Italy)

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