Trung Do confirms purchase of new Sacmi Continua+

This first-ever shipment to Vietnam takes global sales of Sacmi slab compaction solutions to 100.

Trung Do, a leading ceramic manufacturer based in Vinh (Nghe An province, 300 km south of Hanoi), has signed an order for the supply of the first-ever Sacmi Continua+ line to be installed in Vietnam.

A long-standing Sacmi customer, Trung Do aims to intercept new market trends that lean towards the manufacture of large decorated slabs and to improve its high-end product range for export markets such as the United States, Japan.

The contract with Trung Do takes on a double meaning for Sacmi: on one side it is the first-ever shipment of Continua+ to Vietnam, which is the world’s fourth largest tile producer; on the other side it represents the milestone of 100 compactors sold by Sacmi worldwide since the launch of the innovative technology for the production of large slabs and panels.

This particular solution - a Continua+ 2000 - has been designed for the manufacture of large sizes with or without through-body veining and incorporates the MDX density and thickness control system. The line also features latest-generation Sacmi DHD wet digital decoration systems. The complete plant, which will be installed and started up in the second half of 2021, also includes a 5-tier multilayer dryer, a 260-meter single-layer kiln and packaging/sorting lines. The result is one of the most cutting-edge plants in the entire Asian-Pacific (ASEAN) area, which will manufacture a wide range of sizes, including the 1600x2400 mm slab and related sub-sizes.

In addition to allowing production of the most popular slabs on the market, this configuration offers the advantage of making the overall production set-up more efficient. This has been achieved by installing a comprehensive array of controls on the Continua+ (e.g. MDX); control feedback then acts on the process, ensuring perfect raw material mixing and batching to meet quality expectations.

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