VOC-free surfaces combining aesthetics and safety

NoCoat (Surfaces Group) has begun the process of obtaining FCM (food contact materials) certification for its products

NoCoat, a Surfaces Group company that produces cutting-edge solutions for ceramic and stone surface treatment, has long boasted Class A+ VOC-free certification for its Metpick and Metclean series products. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) contribute to the formation of ozone in the lower atmosphere. If present in large quantities, tropospheric ozone not only harms the environment but also affects humans, causing nose and throat irritations and respiratory problems.

The presence of VOCs liable to pose a risk to human health is determined by tests that measure emissions from a material in a closed environment. These tests have shown that toxic substances such as formaldehyde and benzene are entirely absent from on NoCoat products, which have been certified Class A+ by an independent agency in accordance with UNI EN ISO 16000-9: 2006, confirming their complete safety for the health of consumers and the environment.

In recent years, NoCoat has conducted in-depth research and experimentation and has developed solutions that work in synergy with lapping and honing tools to achieve high standards, including a significant increase in productivity in terms of first quality choice products. This is because NoCoat products no longer serve just as surface protection but are increasingly becoming complete all-round treatments that combine an effective technical and anti-dirt function (saturation of porosity, impermeability, toughness and slip resistance) with a superior aesthetic finish and reduced risk of streaks or micro-scratches.

The combination of treatment and tools is the distinctive feature of NoCoat products. Combining effectiveness and efficiency, they are able to achieve increasingly high levels of first choice products on tile production lines while at the same time protecting and enhancing the various finishes (gloss, supergloss and matt) and allowing custom solutions to be developed according to the type of system and surface and the desired finishes.

While the surfaces are polished and durable, they are also smooth, uniform and consequently more visually appealing. These treatments are particularly important in the case of today’s most popular trend of dark and matt finishes. Moreover, today’s boom in extra-large ceramic slabs has expanded the field of application of ceramic surfaces to include not just floors but also exterior walls and worktops. In particular, the fact that they are used as kitchen countertops makes it imperative to guarantee the total safety of these surfaces.

For this reason, NoCoat has already begun the process of obtaining FCM (food contact materials) certification to ensure greater safety for consumers.

“We decided to undertake a process of certification to validate these important properties and communicate them to the market as effectively as possible,” said Giuseppe Soli, CEO of NoCoat. “It’s a long and costly process that has been keeping us busy for quite some time, but we know it will be an increasingly important step for differentiating our products and ensuring the maximum protection for humans and the environment.”

The certification will also attest to the non-reactivity between the surface and foods in all daily interactions.

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