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Trends, markets and fair expectations: TECNA 2024’s exhibiting companies describe how, through technological innovation, they are responding to the new imperatives of sustainability at the center of European policies. The digitalisation of processes is another key issue that will have a disruptive impact on the future of industrial production. Tecna represents a prominent international showcase and a crucial moment of sharing to learn about the new frontiers of technological development.

Maurizio Barbanti
Technical Director Poppi Clementino

Poppi Clementino is an Italian company that designs and provides cutting edge solutions for the reduction of energy consumption and the abatement of pollutants in production process of different industrial sectors.

What are the main market trends in terms of technology and which of these are you devoting most attention to?

The ceramic industry is becoming increasingly attentive to sustainability due to both stricter legislation and the clear economic benefits of reducing the environmental impact of production facilities. This in turn is pushing up demand for our solutions, with numbers of orders divided fairly evenly between filtration, energy recovery and cogeneration systems.

Which geographical area has been most active in recent months?

The ceramic market is experiencing a generalised slowdown. Our global presence across major production areas has allowed us to observe that customers are becoming more cautious in their investment decisions, largely due to concerns about the international geopolitical climate. But despite these challenging conditions, our company continues to achieve its strategic goals, buoyed by the positive response from Asian markets.

What are your expectations forTecna 2024?

Tecna is one of the most important global events for Poppi Clementino. Our primary aim at the show is to strengthen our market position as a supplier of complete systems for filtration, energy recovery and cogeneration within the ceramic industry. The event is also an opportunity to present our company’s latest innovations and patents to our existing and prospective customers with the aim of distinguishing ourselves among the leading global players in the field of sustainability.

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